Friday, May 2, 2008

A Few Recent Pictures for a Few Special People

So we haven't taken as many pictures lately as I would have liked, but here are a few I have taken with Eden in some outfits from you all. Just because you're not mentioned doesn't mean your not special though:) We love all our blog readers!

This one's for Aunt Staci! We love this little red dress she gave us!

This one's for Nana and Papa Joe - Eden in her MTSU gear:)

Eden loves all her Aunt's, but this was a gift from her Aunt Jessica

Eden loved her package from her Nana - thanks Nana

This one's not for anyone in particular, but I thought it was cute becuase it actually makes her look "pudgy". She is far from pudgy however - still in the 3rd% in her weight (11lb 3oz) and 25% in height (23.25inches). She is going to be just like her daddy - tall and skinny. She jumped from the 10% to the 25% for height at her 4 month visit this week!

Sweet baby sleeping in momma's bed after a rough night with a stomach bug:)

If anyone knows how to get these pictures turned the right way - please let me know - if not, you'll have to keep looking at pictures sideways!



The Syberts said...

I love the sleeping pictures they're so cute! I don't mind the sideways pictures at all, but I do know how to fix them. Instead of sound really dumb on your well done blog, I will have to get some technical terms from Levi before I elaborate.

Anonymous said...

I went to blog help and copied this from 'how to rotate photos'.
You can rotate photos by navigating to the uploaded photo you want to rotate and clicking the "Rotate" buttons at the bottom-right of the page.
I hope this helps.

Melissa said...


I love your blog and reading about how your family has been blessed in an amazing way!

I meant to tell you at church on Sunday how precious we think Eden is. It is so easy for me to get distracted!

Love the pictures :)